Looking for a Speaker to teach your organization about health?

You will love Amanda’s high-energy, presentations filled with easy-to-understand information and how-to tips.  Founder of Go Slim U! Amanda Kunard is a Certified Health Coach who teaches easy to follow strategies for improving your health.  Amanda uses simple language and humor to bring the subjects of weight loss, healthy eating, and habits to life.  Your audience will have fun while learning how to improve their health for the long-term.


No charge. Choose from these topics:

🍏 What is Inflammation, and How Does It Affect Me?
🍏 What Are Pro-Biotics, and Do I Need Them?
🍏 Preventing Diabetes.
🍏 7 Things You Can Do to Make Weight Loss Easier.
🍏 What is Insulin, and Why is It Important?
🍏 Gluten, Coconut Oil, Paleo and other recent fads.
🍏 What Are the Basics of a Healthy Diet?
🍏 How Can I Overcome My Genes?
🍏 Why is Processed Food So Bad (and so good!)?


For five or more people (employees, or members of your organization, friends, etc.). Workshops can be 4, 5 or 6 weeks.

🍏 Weight Loss Basics – There’s a lot more that goes into it than just diet and exercise.
🍏 Weight & Habits – How to set ourselves up for success by harnessing our habits.
🍏 Habits of Health – We are the sum of our habits.
🍏 Diet & Health – What our bodies need and easy changes to make to improve health.
🍏 Harnessing your Genome – Every action we make every day influences the expression of our genes – How to make your genome work for you.