Health is interconnected.

If you wish to be healthy and successful in any area of your life, you must also bring health to all aspects of your life.

Go Slim U believes in educating people to be able to live their best lives.

Weight and health go hand in hand.

Your beauty, worth, intelligence - these are not connected to your weight.
But your HEALTH is dependent on your weight

This is why, at Go Slim U!, we show people how to lose weight, and keep it off for good. And we don't only focus on food!

These steps are ideal to make a powerful, positive impact on your eating habits, lifestyle, and overall health.

First - Get the Gunk Out! Remove the obstacles that have been keeping you from losing weight - this means getting the gunk out of your body and your head! Detoxing your body, as well as removing toxins from your environment, is important because many common household chemicals can disrupt your endocrine system, and your endocrine system is what controls your metabolism.

#1 - Detox

Detoxing is multifaceted. We look at removing toxins from your household, your mind, and your diet, as well as optimizing the health of your microbiome.

Second, start on the biggest impact to your health: losing weight. Using a proven program, you will lose weight quickly, easily, and without exercising.

#2 - Getting Slim

This program integrates an extremely successful diet with amazing support. It includes one-on-one coaching from Coach Amanda, our exclusive members-only site, instant access to all of the learning material, activities and years of research, suggested eating plans, and individual coaching/hand-holding/butt-kicking.

Because the diet provides you with portion controlled meals, you don't have to wonder how much to eat, or if you're eating the right thing. That planning, as well as the preparation, is already done for you. The success rate with this program is so high (over 90% of my clients) because it is so easy to follow.

The time frame is different for each person, but with the help of your one-on-one coaching with Coach Amanda, you won't have to figure that out on your own. And you'll come out at the other end a slimmer and healthier you: in mind, body and spirit. The best version of yourself.