You Are What You Eat!

... But what if you are a Lazy Cook like me?

My friend, you are in the right place. I thoroughly understand and appreciate the importance of putting WHOLE, NUTRITIOUS foods in my body, so I have searched out the best ways to be able to nourish my body (and mind!) without spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

why you are what you eat - link coming soon

Here's what I do:

(1) Let the protein shake be your friend. If you have one made carefully from whole ingredients, you will get a lot of nutrition with practically no work. I use Touchstone Essentials Organic Super Protein

And, since I usually don't get 5-7 servings of green leafy veg (I don't always get 5 servings of fruits/veg), I also add Super Green Juice to my shake.

why I chose this protein shake - link coming soon

(2) If you could get a "meal in a box" delivered to your door, and everything in the box was real, whole food that contained peak nutrition, and it was already prepped (washed, chopped, etc.) for you, and it took about 10 minutes of effort, would you think you were in heaven?

I did! The company is Thrive Life, and they call their "meal in a box" Simple Plate. Oh, and it's delicious, and all of the packaging (which isn't much anyway) is recyclable.
This is absolutely the best find ever for me. We eat Simple Plate meals every week.


(3) Another option for almost-made-for-you: frozen food. That's right, food that is always on hand and doesn't take hardly any work. (Can you tell yet just how lazy I am?) Here's the thing - be careful what you buy.

Things I ALWAYS have in my freezer:

vegetables (different kinds, no sauce), veggie burgers, pre-cooked chicken breasts (real meat, not in a shape that nature didn't intend chicken to be in), "Amy's" brand meals.


Ok, these may not seem exciting. But if your regular option is stopping at the drive-thru on the way home from work, this is a big step up.

"Hey, Amanda, it seems like all you're doing is offering products ..."

That's absolutely right ... for starters anyway. I have found that most people will do something if it is easy, and I have found that nothing is easier than these products.

Once you start feeling better because you're actually nourishing your body instead of just shoving "food" into your mouth, you might be up for something more. For that, I have programs (see here)

And, in full disclosure, I do receive compensation from some of these companies, but I am VERY choosy and have searched out these companies to work with.

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