Product: Calm Premium Hemp Oil

What it is: Calm premium hemp oil is a product containing 750 mg of CBD-rich, organic, full spectrum, critical CO2 extracted hemp oil in a 30 mL (1 once) bottle.  Also in the bottle is the carrier oil (hemp seed oil rich in Omega-6, Omega-3, and Omega-9 fatty acids) and organic peppermint oil.

[for more info on what goes into a bottle of CBD oil, or hemp oil, see my blog CBD Info]

Why I Love It

Here's why I LOVE calm premium hemp oil, and why I take it every day, and why I give calm pet formula hemp oil to our two dogs ...

Calm premium organic hemp oil offers all of the benefits of hemp oil and CBD, in a VERY high quality product, at one of the lowest prices I have seen (I have only seen one other product of comparable quality, and only one other product at a lower price, and these are not the same product).

I have been taking this hemp oil for about 9 months and have noticed that (1) I have more energy, (2) my little aches and pains are gone, (3) I have been able to stop taking the anti-anxiety medication I've been on for the past 5 years and still feel great 🙂

The people that I personally know, who are taking this product, have experienced these benefits: (1) sleep better, (2) deal with stress better, (3) avoided surgery after a torn ham-string injury, (4) eliminated joint and arthritis pain, (5) no more asthma.

And, for the dogs, Toby is no longer in discomfort from his arthritic hips (he's 13) and he is less anxious than he used to be.  It feels SO GOOD to see your four-legged buddy be comfortable and happy!!! ♥

7 Reasons to Use Calm Premium Hemp Oil

1. Fights Temporary Inflammation

Full spectrum hemp oil has terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Research suggests that the cannabinoids in full spectrum hemp can help to cool the effects of temporary inflammation, providing welcome relief.

2. Eases Everyday Stress

Between juggling work deadlines and home demands, feelings of stress can soon follow. Fortunately, research shows that cannabinoids may help. Evidence suggests that cannabidiol from hemp can help relieve the effects of stress by reducing cortisol in the body.

3. Calms Joint Discomfort

Rich in cannabinoids and with 25mg of CBD in every serving plus beneficial omegas, Calm hemp oil may ease joint discomfort.

4. Supports Restful Sleep

While there are a variety of lifestyle and nutritional factors that can help you achieve the sleep of your dreams, evidence suggests hemp oil could help. A scientific review of cannabidiol in hemp suggests it promotes restful sleep, even for those who struggle with sleep.

5. Promotes a Healthy Heart

While much of the headlines focus on hemp’s ability to relieve stress and discomfort, hemp oil also promotes a healthy heart. Full spectrum hemp oil is a natural source of heart-healthy essential fatty acids, delivered at optimal omega ratios. These include omega-6 (linoleic acid), omega-3 (alpha-linoleic acid), and omega-9 (oleic acid).

6. Fights Free Radicals

Some oxidative stress is a necessary byproduct of living. But too many processed foods, environmental pollutants, high-intensity exercise, and a stress-filled lifestyle can all contribute to a harmful level of oxidative stress. The good news is that hemp oil contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

7. Supports Exercise Recovery

Intense athletic training can strain muscles, leading to discomfort and long recovery times. Full spectrum hemp oil may be able to help. Along with soothing temporary inflammation, full spectrum hemp oil has cannabigerol which supports muscle health.

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