First of all, I'd like to thank the friends who came to the Kunard Kitchen on September 24th for the first Clean Eating Class!  We had a fun time and learned from each other (which is the best way to learn!)

The book that I highly recommended is Clean Cuisine - an 8-week anti-inflammatory diet that will change the way you age, look & feel by Ivy Ingram Larson & Andrew Larson, MD.

Here's the recipe for the Tuscan Chicken we had for dinner.  To order all of the Thrive Life ingredients to make this recipe, the cost would be $148, and those ingredients would make this recipe 7 times.  This comes out to $21 for dinner each time you prepared this recipe, and it says it serves 6, but I think it should really say 4 adult servings. 

If you would like to order any Thrive Life foods, you can go to this website.  Or, if you were impressed with my delicious meal and would like to host a little "cooking demo" in your kitchen, I would be happy to come to your home and cook you and some friends dinner, and then if they purchase anything, you get "hostess rewards", which includes a bunch of free and discounted foods.

Also, I gifted a bottle of Touchstone Essentials Calm Hemp Oil to one of you.  On that website, you can also find some other great detox products and nutrition supplements.  (I'm going to write another post about why these products are awesome and I decided to promote them.)

Right now I am also promoting a 10-Day Detox that will start on October 15th that uses several of the Touchstone Essentials products.  If you would like to check it out, click on the link, and if you know other ladies (or men!) who would like to see how detoxing makes their bodies feel, please pass along the link!! 

As a quick recap, during the evening we talked about:

  • What Processed Foods are and why they are so bad for us.  (They make us sick, tired & fat, and look and feel older, and they displace nutritious foods)
  • What Whole Foods are and why they are so awesome.  (They promote alkalinity in the body, provide pre-biotics to our microbiome, which in turn aids in good digestion and a strong immune system.)
  • Macronutrients vs. Micronutrients.
  • Clean Cuisine's Food Pyramid: An Easy Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guideline.
  • A few good ways to easily add more veg into your diet.  (Frozen, or Thrive Life dehydrated foods)


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