Does your lipstick contain lead?

Haven’t heard about health concerns and lipstick before? Here’s the backstory. Beginning in 2007, the Food and Drug Administration and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics began researching lead in lipstick. Seriously! They found that 61 percent of 33 popular lipstick brands tested positive for lead. We’re talking brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, NARS, Cover Girl, Avon, and Revlon. Sound familiar? An expanded study in 2010 by the FDA found lead in over 400 different lipsticks. And it’s not just lead to be wary of, they found toxic metals like chromium, aluminum, and manganese. Then in 2012, the FDA tested several hundred lipsticks from 20 popular brands, and every one tested positive for lead. Every single one!

The FDA tested several hundred lipsticks from 20 popular brands, and every one tested positive for lead. Every single one!

Experts agree that there’s no safe level for lead. Low amounts can cause weakness, increases in blood pressure, and anemia. Higher amounts can severely damage the brain, kidneys, and other organs – and it can be life-threatening. The European Union prohibits lead in cosmetics, Canada limits its use in cosmetics … and the US? Cricket, cricket. Following these studies, the FDA did pass a guidance to makeup manufactures recommending that cosmetic lip products and externally applied cosmetics not contain more than 10 ppm lead as an impurity. Do you believe that the makeup companies are going to follow this RECOMMENDATION? Lead has no place in products applied to your lips or anywhere else on your body!

Until manufacturers eliminate lead contamination or require lipstick users to inform you of its presence (yes, they don’t need to disclose it!!), you should be wary.

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