McDonalds restaurants in Southern California introduced two new breakfast bowls: a 250-calorie Egg White and Turkey Sausage Breakfast bowl, and a 460-calorie Scrambled Egg and Chorizo bowl.  The kale bowl contains turkey sausage, egg whites, bruschetta-style basil and tomato topping and spinach and has 27 grams of protein. The other bowl comes with chorizo, a hash brown, scrambled eggs, cheddar jack cheese and pico de gallo and has 26 grams of protein. I couldn’t find any more nutritional information on them, since they are only available in the test market of So Cal (including San Diego).

My opinion of this?  It’s fantastic.

McDonalds is a huge company that has a large impact on the diets of Americans (and around the world), and if they start moving towards ligitimately more nutritious food, it could have a positive effect on the health of the country.  It won’t happen overnight, but eating trends are moving in the direction of better food, so restaurants like McDonalds need to keep up to remain profitable.  And apparently McDonalds is preparing to stop using chicken with antibiotics, which will force the chicken industry to change too.

Another healthy offering that they have had for a while is the Egg White Delight McMuffin, which contains: egg whites, Canadian bacon, pasteurized process white cheddar cheese, butter and an English Muffin.  I checked on their website and all of these are real foods – no fillers (like oil in the cheese), artificial flavor or hydrogenated fat.  Granted, Canadian bacon does have sodium nitrite and the cheese does have weird-sounding preservatives, but overall this food is a lot more “real” than most.  It is 260 calories, 17g protein, 8g fat,  29g carbohydrates, and 740mg sodium (31% of RDI) – a bit salty, but overall not bad at all.

I know that fast food restaurants have become the bane of nutritious eating, but even better than abolishing them is to have them join the movement towards better food.  Of course, there are still tons of high calorie offerings there, but these menu items give us a good and convenient option.

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